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Microblading healing process

by | Jan 25, 2022 | Aftercare, Microblading | 0 comments

What is the Microblading healing process?

Microblading healing process and aftercare is the routine that you will follow to ensure your eyebrows remain clean and heal in a way that produces the results desired from your treatment. This process includes cleaning your eyebrows, protecting them from any contamination, and taking care of the skin in the area the way your Microblading Artist has prescribed, following a given schedule and procedure.


Microblading Dos and Don’ts: 

Even though everyone will receive the same procedure, the client must follow a specific aftercare routine for their skin type. During the first week after the process, Professionals recommend gently washing and wiping the eyebrows with mild soap to prevent skin irritation. Do this for 1 to 3 days, depending on your artist’s preference and your skin type. Steer away from fragrant soaps as they can and will irritate your newly micro-bladed skin. Apply Vaseline using cotton balls and do not scratch or pick your eyebrows,

There are only several ways to keep your skin and eyebrows uninfected, unirritated, and in as perfect a shape as possible. If touching your eyebrows is necessary for some situations, touch them with baby wipes, and only that, don’t try tissues or other rough-textured wipes as it can affect your healing process. 

Second, avoid the brow area while washing your face as it might infect the ink or look different from expected when the healing process is completed. 

You should sleep on your back to avoid contact with your bed.

Do keep them dry; avoid getting them wet as much as possible. Getting them wet can increase the chances of irritating the skin and decrease the quality of the result. 

Do not rub your eyebrows, as rubbing them can redden the skin and irritate it. Alternatively, you can pat it lightly and apply your physician suggested ointment.

If you just got out of the treatment and your eyebrows are still new to touch, do not touch them for at least 24 hours. Touching it after the treatment can lead to infection and irritation.

Refrain from exercise after the procedure as you do not want to sweat and irritate your newly treated eyebrows. The irritation could lead to infection of bacteria and can cause skin problems.

Do not put ointments, lotions, or makeup on your eyebrows unless they are prescribed by your Dermatologist or Microblading Artist. If you do this, you can affect the healing process of your eyebrows. 

Do not go directly under the sun or go to a tanning bed, which can also affect your healing process. Your newly treated eyebrows can be very sensitive to direct light, and it can leave a burning sensation and irritation.

Keep your hair away from your eyebrows as hair tends to have bacteria that can infect the eyebrows. 

Do not use Benzoyl Peroxide, Salicylic Acid, or Retinoids, as it can leave a burning sensation in your skin and can do significant damage to your eyebrows. 

Do not go to a Sauna. Air Humidity in Saunas can significantly affect your healing eyebrows, and it can destroy the brow or irritate them. Saunas have bacteria in the air, too; Air Humidity in Saunas is so dense that bacteria can easily cling to your skin, especially on the healing area.


How Fast is The Healing Process?

The Microblading Healing Process can take 30 to 40 days, and a 6-week follow-up will confirm the process is complete.


Here is what your day-to-day life will look like inside the Healing Cycle: 


Day 1: Follow the initial aftercare instructions immediately after your treatment. You might experience some redness, slight bleeding, a little bit of pain, and tenderness. Don’t be alarmed; this is entirely normal, and it will subside as your eyebrows continue to heal.


Days 2-5: After some time, you will notice scabbing, and your brow area will be itchy. It is essential to keep yourself from scratching, picking, or peeling the scabs. Again, it will subside as it continues to heal.

To keep it clean, use a cotton swab on applying a small amount of ointment that your Microblading Artist had prescribed you, and it will help the healing process. 


Days 7-10: After a week or so, your scabs flakes will peel on their own. Again, do not peel, pick or scratch the scabs; let them peel on their own. 


Days 14-21: A few weeks on from your treatment, your eyebrows will finally be safe from water. You can continue your regular makeup and skincare routine, but be careful with your brows. You may not know what can happen next.


Days 30-40: About a month or so from your initial appointment, the healing process will come to an end. With your eyebrows healed, they will appear much lighter, natural, and soft. The color of your eyebrows will look so much better than before, but it is not perfect just yet. 


Day 42: You will now be due your 6-Week Follow-Up Appointment. During this time, your Microblading Artist will make some final adjustments and give the long-lasting results that make Microblading so effective.


Day 365: After your 6-Week Follow-Up, your new eyebrows will eventually last 6-12 months before they fade. The Annual Touch-Up will make them look brand new again, and the Touch-Up depends on what type of skin you have.


How to make the Healing Process faster

To make the Healing Process faster, you have to strictly follow all the Dos and Don’ts after having your newly-treated eyebrow as it doesn’t have a specific ointment or cream to help you with, do not use lotions that your Artist does not prescribe.

Aloe Vera can be a great help in making your eyebrows hydrated, and it is convenient to use on newly microbladed eyebrows due to its anti-inflammatory and healing properties. It is suitable for all skin types. 

You can also apply ointments and creams that your Doctor or Microblading Artist recommended using on your brows. 

Patience is the real key to having nicely shaped eyebrows. Always trust the process and the result will be worth it. Remember there is always an alternative to semi-permanent eyebrow treatments. If you can find the time to regularly attend an eyebrow waxing specialist you will get the desired results at an affordable and reliable rate, rather than taking the chance on a semi-permanent look.