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Microblading Certification

by | Jan 25, 2022 | Microblading | 0 comments

How do you become a certified Microblading Artist?

Like any skilled profession, being a microblading artist has some special training and certification requirements. You will gain your customer’s trust if you prove you have been fully trained and qualified to provide micro-blading. 

It is a challenging profession that requires hard work and dedication; you must go through many steps before you pass and start a microblading career. 

Here are some steps that you need to take before being a certified Microblading technician:


Step 1: Take a Course 

The first step you have to take to start your career as a Microblading Artist is applying to an accredited Microblading Course. There are two certifications for Microblading in this world; The Society of Pigment Professionals and The American Academy of Micropigmentation. These will be responsible for most microblading certificates in English-speaking countries. 


Selecting Your Course

In selecting a Microblading course, you should be wise and believe that you can succeed in this course and the aftermath of business. It’s not worth it if you pick a random course just because you think it’d be easy. Be aware of courses that provide under 100 contact hours; these seemingly inexpensive courses are usually scams and won’t help you get the certification you want.

It would be best if you also looked at the course schedule to ensure you are getting all the training you need from the course you chose.

Topics your training should cover:

  • Anatomy of the Skin
  • Colour Theory and Color Mixing
  • Eyebrow Design and Facial Structure
  • Choosing your needle and Equipment
  • Safety, Sterilization, and Sanitation
  • Techniques for Correcting Permanent Makeup
  • Microblading Strokes for Eyebrows
  • Communicating with your client

And many, many more. The value of your money is essential because these courses are costly, depending on what class you will take. Peace of mind is important too, and you can’t enjoy your course if someone forces you to take it or if it’s not really for your benefit.

Attend your Microblading Course

It is essential to attend your course as much as possible to make your money worth it. A microblading course takes a week or two to complete and requires an investment between $4000 and $5000. 

At the end of your course training, you will be awarded a document saying you attended and completed your training. Ensure that your papers have the number of hours you trained for the course and your trainer’s signature. 

Now is the chance to ask your Microblading model if you can take some pictures for building your portfolio. These before and after shots are crucial to booking more clients and making a name for your business.


Step 2: Get Certified

After completing your training course, it’s time for you to get certified. You will need to prepare for your certification testing because this is an essential part of your career. On this part of the cycle, you will get your license and start to practice.

Seek out an Apprenticeship

Look for a local technician and apply for an apprenticeship. This will hone your skills and provide you with more contact hours before pursuing your certification. You can find a suitable internship with a great mentor through the AAM and SPCP online member list.

Blood-Borne Pathogens Test

Before the certification exam, you need to take a Blood-Borne Pathogens Standard Course, and this course must meet OSHA Blood-Borne Pathogens requirements. These classes are usually inexpensive and can cost around $25 per hour.


Join a Microblading Certification Body

If you feel ready to take your Certification Exam, you need to join a Microblading Certification Body first. Each organization has its membership fee, and you need to pay for it first before joining a Microblading Certification Body. 

You will pay $250 to join AAM and $310 for the SPCP. Both organizations have professional recognition in the USA and are respected. 

However, AAM is more popular than SPCP in the United States, and the SPCP is better known abroad. Be alert about the organization’s requirements as they need to ask for your proof of completing a BPS class and a Photo ID. So, be prepared to send these requirements online.

Take your exam

When you have completed your BPS course, it’s time to take your certification exam. Each organization costs $250 per attempt, so make sure you review everything to avoid having to resit it. 

Your exam will have 100 multiple choice questions covering topics related to Microblading. You can study by reviewing practice tests on AAM or SPCP online before your examination.


Step 3: Build Your Business

After you pass your exam, it’s time to get your license with your local Department of Health. You will also have to check their website for processes and requirements. 

Remember that it’s not that easy to lift a business off the ground, you won’t be successful overnight, and that would be impossible. Be patient. Invest your time in building your online presence to bring in new clients and always make sure to have an excellent website because, in that way, you will be able to attract some customers and leave a first good impression behind. Also, don’t forget about your portfolio; the clients need to know how well you do your business.


Why should you become a Microblading Artist? 

It’s great to build up a business like this, especially if you have excellent hands to create a masterpiece. If you feel like this is for you, claim it; there’s no harm in trying and believing in yourself. But always remember that it will not be as easy as it looks. As it is a profession that requires hard work and time, practice will someday make your work perfect and splendid. Being a Microblading Artist, you must help other people with relevant problems with your profession. But other than that, putting up a business with something you love working on is life satisfaction.