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Microblading Blonde Eyebrows

by | Jan 25, 2022 | Microblading | 0 comments

Microblading has been very popular recently, and the number of clients booking into estheticians is growing every year. Microblading blonde eyebrows have become one of the most popular eyebrow treatments for blondes. Blonde eyebrows have been notorious for working with over the years as their delicate color makes them much more challenging to work with and produces natural-looking results.

As fair-haired people will agree, golden, blonde, or auburn hairs can be indistinguishable and much more faint in appearance than darker hairs. 

With eyebrows being one of the most popular beauty treatments, blonde people spend a lot of their time and money filling out their eyebrows with many makeup products, many of which are hard to use and need to be reapplied frequently.

Blondes always fear that semi-permanent makeup may not be for them as it will appear too dark. When in fact, it’s the opposite! Permanent makeup is so natural that nobody will ever know they are cosmetically applied once your eyebrows have healed unless they touch it. 

Regular eye pencils can look too dark or unnatural for some people, especially with blondes, but not with semi-permanent makeup. Artists can blend the exact color to match your skin tone and hair color.


What is blonde microblading like? 

Blonde microblading is like any other microblading treatment; you get the initial procedure, go through a healing process and then attend a second appointment which is the 6-week touch-up. It takes just as long as a regular microblading treatment length.

It’s a standard microblading procedure but what’s different is the color of the pigment.

Your esthetician will give you specific instructions on cleaning the area for a couple of days and provide you with particular aftercare products. You must follow their instructions carefully to get your desired eyebrows. 

But before the healing process, you first have to take the initial procedure. For starters, you have to consult with a doctor first. Find out what’s good or bad for your health or if you have allergies or health conditions that the doctor or the artist needs to know. After that, the technician will start measuring and outlining, and with your guidance, they draw the outline, which gets filled in with hair-like strokes.

Once you are satisfied with the shape of your eyebrows, a numbing cream is applied.  You would have a painful microblading experience if this numbing cream was not used. The artist starts drawing the strokes when the numbing effect kicks in by dragging the microblading tool through the epidermis, depositing the pigment into it. 

Your esthetician will go lighter on the initial application as it is easier to add color than to take it away. 

This procedure will last about an hour to two hours, and after a few weeks of healing and aftercare, your beautiful blonde microbladed eyebrows will appear as intended.


What is the process for blonde microblading aftercare? 

The aftercare routine is the same regardless of blonde or darker eyebrows, and you can read about the recommended aftercare process here. The golden rule is to obey your esthetician’s instructions and never get your eyebrows wet. 

Since there is a trauma to your skin, there will be some swelling, redness, itchiness, and scabbing, but it should subside within ten days. On the 6-week touch-up appointment, artists can adjust the color and go darker if required or if the client wants.


What colors are available for Blonde Microblading?

An essential part of this procedure and the consultation is color matching. Blonde clients usually want the final result to be slightly darker than their natural hair.

There is a wide range of pigment shades to choose from when microblading eyebrows, but your esthetician will most likely blend a customized shade for you. The artist responsible for your procedure spends quite a bit of time studying pigments and color theory during their training, so they are more than qualified to advise you on this matter.

It is important to note that every pigment looks different once applied to the skin, and artists can predict the results. They can also expect what shade will be perfect for blending natural colors for the natural hair-like strokes. This won’t make the strokes stick out if you might have to get your hair tinted.

It can take some time for the pigments to settle into the skin so that the results of microblading can be much darker after a few days of the procedure.

This can be alarming for light-haired people, but do not worry; the pigment will eventually change to the color you’ve chosen within a few days. 


How much will it cost you for blonde microblading? 

The price of microblading is the same as microblading darker eyebrows: $700 to $1000, but it depends on the location, the salon, how much experience the artist has, and the creams and ointments provided for your aftercare. You may find you are offered more expensive or cheaper packages, but you can expect to pay around these prices.

There’s nothing new to blonde microbladed eyebrows as it’s the same procedure as regular microblading; the only difference is its color!