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Is Microblading Painful?

by | Jan 25, 2022 | Microblading | 0 comments

What are the reasons microblading be painful?

Your qualified microblading esthetician will use a bladed tool, a microblade, and it will make tiny cuts in your skin. Your esthetician then drops pigment into the microbladed area that stays for a year plus, which is the primary goal of microblading. Still, estheticians take safety precautions to reduce the risk of infection, lasting damage, and discomfort for many clients, during the microblading process and provide a healing process and aftercare routine.

Microblading is less painful than getting an eyebrow tattoo, plucking and threading your eyebrows, or even getting your eyebrows waxed. But there is still an element of discomfort; what would you do to give yourself one to two years without needing to make up your eyebrows regularly. Many clients would take the short microblading sessions discomfort. 

If you are still in doubt, please remember that your esthetician will use a special topical numbing agent to help decrease the pain on your skin. The Lidocaine-based numbing cream is similar to what the dentist uses for procedures; only this cream absorbs through the skin.


What should you expect from your microblading procedure?

The initial appointment is about two hours long, and most of the time, the esthetician will be outlining the treatable area. Once the outline is in place, the artist then puts the topical numbing cream or Lidocaine over the area to prep it.

After 15 – 20 minutes, The artist will start by microblading and placing the pigment into the epidermal/dermal junction. You may begin to feel pulling, stinging, and pressure during this process. During this process, discomfort and pain depend on your pain threshold, how sensitive your skin is, and how anxious you are about the procedure.

Most clients will not have a problem with pain and discomfort during the microblading procedure, considering that the esthetician first applied numbing cream. This part of the procedure will usually take 30 to 60 minutes. 


Tips to make your microblading as painless as possible


Listen to relaxing music

We always know that listening to music can relieve all kinds of pain and help us through hard times. That is why many estheticians suggest listening to music while the procedure takes place to make the client feel relaxed. 

Most of the discomfort comes from the ‘Unknown,’ so as long as you are prepared for your microblading treatment and feel at ease, you should be just fine.


Make sure you are comfortable

A ‘Spa’ vibe is the most relaxing aura when you want to be more relaxed before, during, and after the procedure: cooler temperatures, ambient noise, soft padding can make you feel pampered and relaxed.

Apply a generous amount of Lidocaine numbing cream 

Some clients can resist the anesthetic, and some would love to add another layer of numbing cream. Tell your artist right away to avoid compilations during therapy if you know this is you. 


Anti-anxiety medication before the procedure

Not everyone suffers from anxiety, but some people who are prescribed anti-anxiety medication may find it takes the edge off. 


Relax, microblading is not that painful  

It doesn’t have to be a painful experience if the procedure is done right. It still depends on the artist responsible for your procedure. The only time it’ll be painful is if the artist had made a terrible mistake and dug deep into your skin, causing an injury and permanence of the pigment. Make sure to check if your microblading artist is certified, preferably with either AAM or SPCP.

There are many ways Microblading can be painful, and some of it is through its removal. If you are not satisfied with the microblading outcome of your procedure, you can always request your artist to have your microblading removed.

Patience is a virtue. We experience pain in many things in life, and you have to decide if you can handle it. Microblading will not be suitable for everyone, and what may be painful and uncomfortable for one may not be for another. Always follow what your artist has instructed you, and the pain you will feel will be gone immediately.