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Hairline Microblading

by | Jan 25, 2022 | Microblading | 0 comments

Microblading is a semi-permanent tattoo that is not only for eyebrows or beards but is also helpful for filling in your hairline! With Hairline Microblading, people with problems in these areas will have a second chance to feel confident in their appearance! Everyone deserves confidence and happiness, and that is why in this article, I will share everything you need to know about hairline microblading. 

Let’s start at the beginning. Microblading is when you receive a treatment from an esthetician that uses hand-held tools to create fine, natural-looking hairlike strokes. 

Microblading has grown popular, especially eyebrow microblading, but what is hairline microblading? It is the same as eyebrow and beard microblading. It uses a hand tool to create hairlike strokes to match the natural flow of hair, but the only difference is that hairline microblading is done on your hairline or scalp, as it is also known for scalp microblading. 

Please note that most estheticians require a consultation with their clients before proceeding with the hairline microblading. There are multiple things to address, such as what color of pigment the esthetician will be using and which area should be microbladed. They will also make you aware of any complications or conditions with your skin that need to be considered by the client before microblading. 

If we were to discuss what part of the hairline men and women want to be fixed, this is how it goes. Women tend to have their temples and front hairline microbladed. In contrast, men wish to have temples and the crown of their heads microbladed. There will be some who opt for overall coverage. Hairline microblading is also a popular treatment for receding hairlines.


Does hairline microblading hurt?

Aftercare is relatively painless and straightforward, just like any typical tattoo. But be aware that the area might be a little inflamed and red, and there may be some scabbing along the way. 

Estheticians recommend that if you have a freshly microbladed scalp or hairline, it is best to avoid dirty and sweaty places that may cause infection and irritation, such as the gym for a while.

You won’t also be allowed to wash your hair for a week so that the pigment placed in the dermis can settle. And don’t forget that if you were to go outside on a sunny day, always put sunscreen on your scalp as the sun can lighten the pigment on your scalp, making it look unnatural.

It would help if you stuck to the microblading aftercare routine prescribed to you by your esthetician.


How much does hairline microblading cost?

Microblading can be expensive, but it has yet so much to offer. Like any other treatment, hairline microblading is also costly, and the price is around $700 to $2000. Just as with other treatments, we should be sure that this hairline microblading will provide the results you desire. Always consult your doctor or dermatologist before booking an appointment to ensure your skin will accept the pigment and you have a good chance of receiving the result you desire.

What should be considered before getting hairline or scalp microblading?

This type of cosmetic procedure can cause more damage than benefits for some people. Although this is very rare, it should be considered by the client. 

The treatment may exacerbate skin conditions like eczema and psoriasis. Take note that the pigment isn’t for all types of skin, some people can have allergic reactions to it, so it’s essential to be open with your artist about this type of condition and ask what kind of color they are using and do a patch test.

It is still possible to get treatment if you have skin conditions but you should consult your dermatologist or a health practitioner before booking an appointment for microblading.

Scalp or hairline microblading isn’t recommended for everyone. The goal is for estheticians to artfully blend the microbladed hair strokes with existing hair in thinning areas. When hair is sparse, microblading will no longer create the same illusion. The esthetician can blend hair strands, but the result may not be flattering when there is nothing to merge.

If you are unsure where you stand, consult with an aesthetician to discuss whether you have enough natural hair coverage to get a good result. 

It will be helpful to keep in mind that microblading treatments don’t help your hair growth in any way; it is just performed to camouflage all the possible insecurities we have. 


How long will the results last with hairline microblading? 

While most microblading experts agree that results should last up to a year, it depends on the person. The pigment is embedded far into the skin like a tattoo. But unlike common tattoo areas, you lose skin faster on your scalp due to everyday activities that strip away the cells, like washing your hair. Microblading doesn’t last on oily skin, and frequent washing of hair can also quicken the pace at which the pigment leaves the skin. 

It may take more than one session to get your desired outcome for hairline microblading. Most salons require a touch-up session several months after your initial appointment to ensure that the final look is what you are happiest with.

It is essential to consult with your artist, doctor, or dermatologist before taking such treatment, and it is better to let them know what you want and what you will do with your skin to guide you on what you have to do.