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Celebrities with Microblading

by | Jan 25, 2022 | Microblading | 0 comments

There are many celebrities that pay attention to their eyebrows more than other things because they believe that your eyebrows can shape your face to make you look sophisticated, well-respected, beautiful and elegant. Other than their crowning hair glory, they also treat their eyebrows as a trophy, a crown. A symbol of being a lady, a woman of dignity. 

Many celebrities pay a fortune to make their eyebrows neat, edgy and attractive as possible because other than being their crowning glory, this can affect their aura and charisma. And since there is a successful microblading treatment every hour, the trend goes on and the popularity arises. Especially, when you consider microblading as a popular treatment amongst celebrities. 

There are numerous celebrities that had their eyebrows done, below are some iconic celebrities and their remarkable opinion about their procedure:

One of the remarkable actresses, Lena Dunham. She made a short video about her microblading experience and captured her microblading course for VOGUE US. She was very pleased with how well the procedure went and how great her eyebrows look, which for her is just perfect. In her words, “I was too stunned to speak. On my face were two perfect brows, the same hard-to-capture brown as the hair on my head, multidimensional, thick in all the right places, giving my face a grounded seriousness I had been wishing for.”


On the other hand, Helen Mirren had her eyebrows microbladed too! As actors and actresses grew old, they might have been noticing some changes on their eyebrows such as hair thinning out. Helen Mirren was one for being sick of it and decided to try Microblading. “I’ll tell you what I have done recently, which I love – I got my eyebrows tattooed!” She said with glee in an interview. For her, having a pair of eyebrows is such a big impact on her life. As she said, “They’re very lightly and delicately done – but it means that when I get up in the morning and I have no makeup on, at least I have eyebrows. It has made a huge difference!” We can see that she’s very happy with what she did.


Madonna has been one of our iconic singers and of true fashion revolutionaries in Hollywood! She has made and tried so many trends that made an impact, not only to her fans, but to the entire world which includes her super-thin trend in the 90s. She is famous for many fashion trends and Laura Choate, The Owner of the Santa Monica Microblading in Los Angeles stated, “Through both age and over-plucking in the past, Madonna would have lost some natural hair. She has used Microblading to fill in these gaps, and create a whole new shape, and they look great!”


Gwyneth Paltrow, An award-winning star who became famous because of her amazing films like “Shakespeare in Love’’ in 1998 and who also portrayed parts like love interest Pepper Potts to Robert Downy Jr.’s Iron Man has beautiful blonde eyebrows which were reportedly Microbladed in 2017. 


Iggy Azalea went through the process of Microblading as she tried it for herself and even asked her mom to accompany her. In the words of Master Artist Stacey Corletto, “Iggy was looking for a natural but put-together look for those no-makeup days.”. As Iggy Azalea was spotted by paparazzis with her Microbladed eyebrows, we can tell that she is happy with the results of her procedure.


Gigi Gorgeous chose Microblading LA for her eyebrow procedures. As she said on one of her documentaries in her youtube channel, “This is something I wanted to do for about a year. I found Microblading LA’s Instagram and their before and after is out of this world!” 


Singer and Actress, Bella Thorne, who featured in Disney’s Shake it Up and The Babysitter got her eyebrows microbladed for her killer looks from Master Artist Julia Faria. One can say that is now always ready for a majestic photoshoot. She always keeps her fans updated on her microbladed eyebrows on her social media accounts.


Pinup Model and Beauty Blogger, Ashley Marie Rosas consulted with Master Artist Lindsey Ta for her eyebrows which she didn’t like at all. Amid numerous photoshoots and trying to make her popular youtube channel reach heights, Rosas no longer requires to trouble herself with makeup rush especially when she wants a stress free day! She loves it so much.


Camryne Grimes, an Actress, Producer and California resident who we might know from The Young and The Restless was searching for “Brow symmetry with a fuller shape” says Master Artist Julia Faria. She got what she really wanted, and that is the set of perfect eyebrows that she had right now!


Lily Collins’ eyebrows are so popular! They even made a social media account for it which was created by her fans. Thus, she is definitely making a statement. Her eyebrows are the goals and inspiration of the Fashion Industry for such a long time. However, she’s not in love with her eyebrows as much as she likes it today. She wants to enhance her appearance and her shape. 

In her words, “I think we all want to fit in at a young age, and we alter things about ourselves that we think are different to fit in better, and one of those things is my eyebrows. They were so bold and very big on my face, as a kid, I want to change that.” She also adds that she is so insecure with her eyebrows that she tried to deal with it herself. 

In a matter of fact, her mother was the one who helped her to build confidence in herself who came up with very sensible advice for her. “You need to accept the quirky things that make you different and what makes you beautiful. It’s the things that make you stand out that make you unique.” She told her and certainly, she fixed her eyebrows and now, she likes them in the most natural shape possible. A thick and bold eyebrow.

Being beautiful is one thing all of us could achieve, even without money, the only thing we have to do is fix and be ourselves. Microblading has changed a lot of lives, including celebrities. With this procedure, they are more confident, more fierce and beautiful inside and out. We can never know what other things can do in our life or if they can change how we see ourselves unless we try it for ourselves. Microblading, a way to achieve your crowning eyebrow glory.