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Can you get Microblading when pregnant

by | Jan 25, 2022 | Microblading | 0 comments

Can you get microblading when pregnant? The answer is no, and there are some significant reasons for this. As a society, we can be very concerned about our physical appearance, especially our facial features. We tend to overthink things pretty quickly, causing us to think of solutions for these problems that play on our minds. Microblading has been very popular in the United States since around 2015. Everyone wants their eyebrows to be well kept and attractive, but should you undergo microblading while pregnant? 


What is Microblading

Microblading is a type of eyebrow treatment that requires a hand tool used to draw hair-like strokes to introduce pigment into the skin to give the appearance of eyebrows. It is a semi-permanent eyebrow tattoo that lasts 1 to 2 years with touch-up appointments. 

Women want to keep their eyebrows in shape even while pregnant, but what if a pregnant woman wants to get her eyebrows done? Will an esthetician provide this treatment?

The answer is NO. A big NO. You should not get microblading while pregnant for many reasons, and you are risking yourself and the baby in your stomach by undertaking this procedure. 

Estheticians should not allow a pregnant woman to get microblading treatment because this will become their responsibility if anything wrong happens to her and the baby. 


Reasons why a pregnant woman should not undergo microblading:


Higher Risk of Infection

There is an increased risk of getting infected when getting microblading and during the healing process. At the same time, many changes are going on within the woman, and her body will be highly vascularized, and healing can take longer. Of course, this is positively true for any other procedure. Still, doctors and permanent makeup experts consider that an unnecessary cosmetic procedure is not worth risking the life of a mother and her baby. 

Hormones are altered when you are pregnant

Hormone levels alter and depend on how the entire body works as they regulate many bodily functions. Pregnant women experience drastic changes in hormones during this stage of their lives.

According to experts, women should not undergo Microblading because they tend to bleed more than expected. This is since vascularizations are improved, which causes high estrogen levels. Bleeding can affect the final result because excessive bleeding can dilute the pigment; the more you bleed, the less pigment your body will absorb. 

This would lead to a higher chance that you will have to have to repeat the microblading process. Considering that it’s an expensive treatment, you should wait until you are done with your pregnancy to maximize the chances of a better outcome and long-lasting results.

Skin discoloration and hyperpigmentation

Another reason it’s not good for you to take microblading while pregnant is that it can cause changes in your skin color. Few women who undergo the treatment while having a baby have experienced discoloration or hyperpigmentation and flushing and blushing.

This might affect the final stages of your microblading process as it can alter the choices of colors to be applied to your desired eyebrow. It may not be a good match for the client’s normal skin tone during the process.

Lastly, having the shape of the eyebrow incorrect is the worst that could happen to a pregnant woman having her eyebrows done. This can occur if the retention causes a bloating of a fluid. Once it is done swelling and your face has gone back to normal, the shape of the eyebrow may change depending on the person’s face.


Some chemicals are not safe for the child

Some artists and aestheticians use chemicals like epinephrine. Epinephrine should not use on a pregnant woman unless it’s an urgent situation, and it would help surpass any harm that could affect the baby.

Some side effects of epinephrine are fetal tachycardia, cardiac anomalies, extrasystoles, and increased heartbeat. However, it’s only been tested with animals and never on a human body; thus, there aren’t any controlled studies on human pregnancy.

Another thing is that scientists haven’t finished their study about the substance used with pigments. Even though they are natural pigments, they will still contain harmful chemicals that can affect you and your unborn baby. Those chemicals are iron oxide and nickel, which in trace amounts are harmless for adults since their body is in fully developed shape; this might not be the case for an undeveloped one. Such substances can be harmful to the fetus.

In conclusion, we strongly recommend not getting microblading when pregnant.

We all want to be pretty and presentable in many ways, but getting a potentially dangerous treatment while pregnant is not a good idea!

Do not be impulsive and think of what’s best for you and your baby. 

As you can see above, there are many reasons estheticians should not be performing microblading treatments on pregnant ladies. The potential side effects and damage are all unlikely, but it is never worth the risk just for eyebrows when it comes to a newborn’s health.